Become a resource family to foster a child

Help us keep our kids in Yolo County by becoming a Resource Family for local Yolo County Foster Youth

Why you should become a resource family?

Yolo kids need you

Yolo is a culturally diverse community and Yolo County Child Welfare values recruiting caregivers with diverse backgrounds.

You’ll be supported

Yolo County Child Welfare Services and your RFA team is ready to guide and answer all your questions along the way.


When you become a foster parent, you are providing a safe and stable home for a child or non-minor dependent in foster care. Remaining in Yolo County allows a child or non-minor dependent to maintain connections while building positive new ones.


What is Resource Family Approval (RFA)?

There is ONE standard of approval for relatives and non-relatives, extended family members, foster or adoptive parents to care for a child or young adult in foster care.

What is a resource family?

• Any individual, couple, or family who wants to provide foster care or adoption to a related or unrelated child who is under the care of Yolo County HHSA.

• A family that has successfully met the RFA requirements.

What are the requirements?

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Attend RFA Overview held at Yolo County one time a month
  • Complete an on-line application and required forms
  • Attend an orientation through FKCE and 12 hours of no-cost pre-approval training
  • Complete a criminal record check/Live Scan and DMV check
  • Participate in a home environment check & psycho-social assessment completed by a social worker
  • Complete CPR/First Aid (can be available at no-cost)

Is there support available?

You are part of our team and we will be there to support you. The RFA assigned social worker will work beside you to help with the approval process and to be there to support you. The child you care for will receive medical and dental coverage. Further, you will receive monthly financial reimbursement (approximately 45 days from the date of placement) for as long as the child(ren) reside in your home. If a child has special mental health and/or medical needs, increased foster care payments are available only after an LOC (Level of Care) assessment is completed by the assigned case carrying social worker. Extended Foster Care is available up to age 21, if a young adult who was in foster care meets the qualifications.

Providing Permanency to a child

We are in the greatest need of Resource Parents, that is, parents who can provide foster care and help birth parents reunite, but if the children cannot safely return to their family, Resource Parents can provide permanency for the children.

How do I know what type of family I should be?

The process of becoming a Resource Parent is specifically designed to help you discover what is right for you and your family. Our classes and family assessments are conducted by friendly, experienced social workers that will work with you in determining the types of children you can best parent.

Who can become a resource parent?

Becoming a Resource Parent requires flexibility, a willingness to grow and learn, but most of all a commitment to provide a safe, stable, nurturing, and loving home for a child.

  • You can be single, married, divorced, or living with a partner. Further, you can live in an apartment or house and either rent or own.
  • You must be able to demonstrate financial stability and provide a safe and stable home for yourself and a child.
  • You can still work. For working parents, appropriate childcare arrangements need to be made.
  • You can be of any race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or culture.
  • Yolo County offers classes throughout the county and a full Family Assessment at no cost to you.

How many children can I have in my home?

Yolo County will assess capacity based on family composition and the home environment.

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